Enterprise Linux consulting and support services

Your local Linux administrator

Task based Linux consulting

We handle the implementation of new technologies like monitoring systems, mail servers, automated deployments, devops tasks and more. Migrations to new Providers like Amazon AWS, Profitbricks or Hetzner is our daily work. We offer cutting edge advice for all Debian Linux based server systems.

Around the clock emergency response services

Our experienced consultants are always available to offer help and advice in disaster recover scenarios, system outages and other Linux problems.

Linux best practice evaluations

Looking for a professional checkup for your servers? We guide you through the current best practices for hosting your own server systems with Debian and Ubuntu Linux.

Linux with passion – and automation

Some of our expertise

  • Debian/GNU Linux and Ubuntu Distributions
  • Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd Webservers
  • Python Django Hosting with Gunicorn, uWSGI and more
  • Python Django Deployments with fabric
  • Ruby on Rails Hosting with Mongrel, WEBrick, Thin and more
  • Ruby on Rails deployments with Capistrano
  • PHP / Typo3 Hosting Enviornments with Apache2, PHP-FPM and MySQL
  • Network Security with IPTables, Fail2Ban, Snort and more
  • PostgreSQL Failover Master Slave Replication Clusters
  • Linux Support Services for Hetzner, Amazon Cloud, 1und1, Hosteurope and other Hosting, Infrastructure and Server Providers

Blunix is about what matters

Excellent products, new technologies, fair pricing

Blunix in three sentences

We approach administration by strong implementation of orchestration and configuration management systems like saltstack, which offer a grant new oversight and cost reduction in managing small to large scale server systems.

Our philosophy is to not only to offer consulting and administration for your servers but to also teach management practices to your employees as favoured.

Our goal is to establish long term customer relationships by offering up to date knowledge, best practice application of Linux administration, transparent and sincere failure management with fair pricing.

Peter Thurner (CEO / Consultant)

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