I am currently running ubuntu 14.04 on my workstation(s). One thing that I don’t like is thunderbird displaying popup notification windows, which in combination with i3wm, overlay windows on other workspaces and can’t be clicked away, therefore basically denying usage of that particular part of the window.

Disabling notify-osd – the fast way

The onscreen popup notifications on Ubuntu 14.04 are triggered by this process:
`user@machine ~$ ps aux |grep -i notif
user 1476 1.1 0.3 336576 14408 ? Sl 11:49 0:00 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/notify-osd`

It is possible to disable notify-osd like follows:
`user@machine ~$ sudo mv /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.freedesktop.Notifications.service /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.freedesktop.Notifications.service.disabled`

To reenable `notify-osd` the file can be moved back to `/usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.freedesktop.Notifications.service`.

A restart of dbus is required to apply the changes. I recommend restarting the window manager might instead of just a `service dbus restart`, as it might fail to relaunch correctly.

Howto to configure ubuntu desktop popup notifications

Depending on how you prefer your window manager to interact with you, it might be preferable to configure notify-osd rather than to disable it. The Notification On Screen Display has lots of configuration possibilities, and allows for integration of notifications into scripts via the `notify-send` command.

Howto configure layout of popup notifications:
If you prefer to configure notify-osd, rather than to disable it completely, read up on notify-osd bubble appearance and layout.

It is possible to send your own notifications in scripts:
`user@machine ~$ notify-send “Text of message”`

Using a graphical user interface to configure notify-osd:
There is also a gui for notify-osd available. I prefer the command line so I did not test it.