Linux and Administration Trainings

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Up to date field knowledge

Our classes are taught by professional Linux consultants with every day experience in their respective fields. We bring the collected knowledge of years of experience in Linux administration right into your classroom.

Efficient and fair pricing

Technology classes are overpriced – so we made our own price model. For up to eight attendees we invoice our regular hourly rate. This also means you can book more time on the fly if you would like to learn about related topics.

  • Fully customized trainings
  • Fair pricing per hour
  • Intelligibly taught field experience

Exemplary assortment

All Trainings are customized to fit your employees required practical field skills

Linux Adminstration

Coming from a developer Background and want to do DevOp Tasks yourself?
No matter for what you need Linux – we teach both basic and advanced Topics, so you can start realising your dream project in a professional and sound Server Environment. Before that class starts, we analyse what you want to do exactly and teach what you will need in production.

Security and Incident Management

How do you handle 200 Servers that can not be down for more than seconds? How to choose technologies? How to assess and handle Risk?
Administration is more than apt-get install. Follow us down the rabbit hole and learn what matters when managing Middle-Class-Business Server Infrastructures, from the technology to relevant topics of law, ensurance, Incident Escalation and Management and more.

Orchestration with Saltstack

Learn how to manage all your individual Servers using the best Open Source Orchestration Tool available.
Saltstack is the next generation orchestration and Management Tool for Linux. Employing Salt into almost all of our managed Infrastructures, we have the key knowledge and Expert hints you are looking for.

Deployment + Continues Integration

For Ruby on Rails, Python Django and more
We show what options recent Open Source tools like Ruby Capistrano and Python Fabric offer for deploying your code, including automated Rollbacks, Versioning, using Hosting Environments (think Virtualenv, RVM, …) per Deployment and more. For advanced usage, we teach you how to Setup customized continues Integration with Jenkins

Docker / LXC & Docker Cluster

You like Docker? We too! Lets learn what recent Open Source Technologies offer us for setting up the containerized Hosting Environment that fits your needs.
fancy docker text

Firewalls with IPtables

Keep the bad guys out
fancy firewall text

Mailservers with Postfix, Dovecot and more

Around since 1970, it seems not many Admins did really deeply understand Email and Mailservers. Lets change that.
While teaching you how to setup your own full blown Mailserver, we also go cover Edge-Topics like Mailing Lists with Mailman, writing your own Sieve Scripts and Mailserver Migrations.

BASH Scripting

Learn how to automate small recurring tasks using Linux BASH Scripts
BASH is the Script-Language every Administrator has to understand.

Your personal Class

Describe to us what you are looking for exatly - we will design a class that specifically meets your requirements.
You are not required to learn about just one isolated topic. In analysing your infrastructure and personells knowledge base before the class, we aim to explain the relations in what is really important for your businesses infrastructure.

Lets get started

We send you a written proposal describing all target subjects in detail

Trainings are conducted at your office site or in our training location in Berlin Kreuzberg