A new level of service

Based on years of experience, we decided to completely reinvent server management and make it awesome

Your personal Linux Administrator

A 99,999% dependable long term Consultant and contact Person for your business.

24/7/365 Support

Consulting Services when you need them

Up to 99,99% ensured Service Uptime

We setup, manage and guarantee for infrastructure designed to deliver the uptime your business requires.

Individual Maintenance Windows

Maintenance is only possible at 3:30am in the Morning on Sundays? No problem.

Excellent versionalisable Documentation

Easy to read and search Documentation comes naturally with infrastructure.

Security-, Version- and Distribution Upgrades

We take care of keeping your Systems and Services up to date and on the latest stable release.


There is nothing hard about backups. So we just do them while making restoring easy and fast.


Differentiating between Availability and Resource Usage Monitoring, we keep an eye on your Servers at all Time while reacting and informing your contact persons as appropriate.

Resource and Capacity Management

Awaiting the big break-through of your latest awesome project? We design your infrastructure to be easily scaled from the start.

Desaster Recovery Plan

Going through every step to restore your infrastructure from scratch and backups – and then testing it in regular intervals.

No choking contracts

Leave within 30 days if you want. The smallest font size in the SLA is the default – 12.

Dynamic amount of Systems

Its simple and fast to include new Servers into your active SLA. We respond to any problem or question you may have, also about systems not currently included in the SLA.

Long Term guaranteed Pricing

Planed for the future, our SLA offers fixed pricing agreements for up to three years.

Hosted on your Servers

We manage your systems running on Hetzner, Amazon AWS, on-site Systems and more. We specialise in the Linux Operating Systems, not switching broken Hardware.

Want something customized to your needs?

There is no “we can’t find an agreement that fits your needs” with blunix.

We reconceived SLAs

to make ours transparent, easy to manage and fair

The Value of Orchestration and Automation

Orchestration, Continues Deployment, Containerization and more are much more than business buzzwords – they are a grant new technological breakthrough in how administration should be applied in the future. We take that step to the limit by implementing cutting edge technologies like Saltstack in every key Area to drasticly automate Linux Administration, Desaster Recovery and Change Management.

Whats the difference?

When you look at our competitors SLAs, they all look alike. Two pages, fancy design, zero Information on whats really going on. We did it differently. Our SLA covers every important fact there is to discuss about Service Levels. It is better to think – before an incident occurs. Get in Contact with us and we will guide you through every relevant Aspect there is to know about safely managing your Infrastructure.

Lets get started

Discover the customizable Blunix Service Level Agreement

How it works

The contract describes in detail which servers and services are included with your infrastructure. All available service levels are clearly represented. It also covers relevant insurance and legal information.

The annex for included systems is flexible and can be up- or downgraded at any time. It allows for easy and smooth addition or removal of governed server systems as well as up- and downgrades for all assigned services levels.

Our consultants are available at your convenience within the arrange reaction times – often much faster. Your servers are managed, updated and regularly enhanced to match the latest best practice standards.

How to order

Get in contact with us and we will work out a custom service level contract matching your individual management requirements.

Define your requirements regarding reaction times, uptime agreements, maintenance windows and more.

Update your service levels freely at any time by just updating the annex to your SLA.

Example contract