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Change management

As all components of your companies Debian Linux servers are represented as code in the playbook-infrastructure-company git repository, all changes to the servers are made using common git workflows.

The following pages describe the process of making changes to the servers.

Change management workflows

All changes to the playbook-infrastructure-company git repository have to follow this workflow:

  1. Git clone the playbook-infrastructure-company git repository
  2. Create and checkout a feature / update / issue / other branch
  3. Make changes to the code
  4. Push the changes to your companies Gitlab
  5. Create a git pull request
  6. Assign the git pull request to your Blunix GmbH consultant for review
  7. Wait for your Blunix GmbH consultant to approve or comment on your proposed changes
  8. After approval, apply your changes using ansible-cake or the peter WebUI or, if in doubt, ask your Blunix GmbH consultant to apply the changes together with you
  9. Merge your pull request to the master branch of the playbook-infrastructure-company git repository