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Blunix Upgrade Guide

This page decribes how to update the individual components that make up Blunix, as well as externl tools and libraries required by Blunix.

Upgrading the Playbook against the Blunix Playbook Template

Upgrading or git rebasing a customer playbook against the Blunix template playbook can be done using the Blunix Ansible Management Scripts Git repository.

Upgrading Ansible Roles to higher versions using the roles files

Your ansilbe-cake version will automatically receive all new versions of roles as soon as they are relased. To use them, simply change the role version number in the play, for example:

- name: my play
  hosts: cus_www_prod_web
  roles: blunix_role-foobar_13.0.1
    foobar_qux: True

To determine if any changes to the variables and their structure is required, please refer to the particular Blunix provided Ansible Role and read the file in the root of the repository.

Upgrading to a new ansible-cake version

Your Blunix consultant will notify you and update your ansible-cake version variable in your companies playbook when there is a newer stable version of ansible-cake available.

Upgrading the Debian Version

Upgrading the Debian Version is commonly required every two years and is planned and executed by your Blunix Consultant with your developers cooperation. Classically new Debian instances with the later Debian version are created and the services then migrated. Commonly Blunix also releases new features and replaces some of its tools, helpers and automations for later Debian Linux versions.