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Utility tools

This chapter describes the util cake function. It manages the Utility tools, which are composed of seven or more servers providing the following tools:

Server Function
cus-util-prod-gateway-1 Wireguard VPN entrypoint for employees, DNScrypt-proxy
cus-util-prod-gateway-2 Redundancy for gateway-1 (both are active)
cus-util-prod-monitoring-1 Monitoring
cus-util-prod-backup-1 Backups
cus-util-prod-log-1 Central logfiles
cus-util-prod-git-1 Gitlab
cus-util-prod-gitci-1 Gitlab-CI Runner

While the VPN gateways are redundant by default, all other servers can also be setup redundantly (two) or in a high available configuration (3 or more) upon request.

All util_* plays can be executed in the correct order by running cake -f util.

If you are installing the Utility tools on new servers, make sure to use cake -f util --inventory pub.