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Linux Consulting and Hosting
SLA Response < 60 minutes

In a nutshell

We setup and maintain Debian Linux based Cloud Server environments on our customers, and accounts.

We specialize in hosting busy Python, PHP, Golang and Ruby Web Applications.

Our Open Source Configuration Management tool Blunix Stack provides everything you need to run your own hosting environment. It can manage up to 500 Debian Linux servers and includes Backups, Monitoring, Central Logfiles, VPN and Gitlab by default.

Our customers developers are provided with a easy-to-use interface for performing common DevOps tasks, like deployments, adding new virtual hosts to webservers or giving access to new employees.

Our goal is to automate everything. All our Software is Open Source. We subscribe to the LOPSA Code of Ethics.

Us at work

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Blunix Stack

Reliable. Customizable. Automated.

Our Hosting Solution

Blunix Stack is a collection of Open Source Configuration Management Software designed to setup and maintain Debian Linux cloud instances. It provides a secure, clean and easy to overview infrastructure landscape. We use your cloud provider account to setup instances, give you the automation code and train your employees to use it. We are always here to help and respond to emergencies.

ansible-cake provides your employees with an easy-to-use command line interface for performing common DevSecOps tasks as well as any other more complex operations on the servers. It is the one tool you need to manage your infrastructure.

The Documentation covers all aspects of Blunix Stack and how to use it with ansible-cake - from adding a new employees SSH keys to restoring backups or adding additional servers.



Infrastructure as Code

Define every detail of your servers in git

Complete Change history

Every change made on a server is logged and can be reverted

Your hosting toolbox

Backups, Monitoring, Central Logfiles, VPN, Gitlab, your tools

Designed for developers

Blunix Stack's CLI is intuitive and well documented

HA/HP and mass hosting

Designed for very busy web applications and mass hosting

Tailored Deployment

Continous Integration, Delivery & Deployment with Gitlab-CI

Full ownership and root@

Its YOUR infrastructure, we just manage it

And all that with

Permanent contact person

Your personal consultant supervises your project for the duration of your contract. When you call, you generally talk directly to your personal consultant.

24/7/365 SLA emergency response

Within one hour - often faster. We also act on monitoring alerts for critical services. We prefer designing fault resiliant systems over responding.

Migration Plan

How to own all of your own infrastructure


Conference Call Small and Large Talk

Write us a short email describing your current infrastructure and meet us in a jitsi online conference to discuss all following steps in detail.


Written proposal Step by Step Plan

We prepare a written proposal which contains all required steps layed out in detail, as well as the (negotiable) pricing plan.


Initial setup Blunix Hello World

We setup the cloud instances and configure them using Blunix Stack as planned. We then work with your developers to get your applications running.


Migration From old to new

We coordinate and perform the migration of interal tools, staging and production environments together with your developers.


Training Teaching your employees

We teach your employees to do common tasks themselves. Additional training for technically curious employees is welcome any time.


Maintenance Updates and Upgrades

Blunix GmbH will perform any maintenance tasks required on your servers. We continously test and develop new hosting technologies.

Customer reviews

Trust us. Also trust our imaginary anonymous customers. "We promise!"

Industry sector

Typo3 Webdesign and media marketing

  • Client: Rather not say GmbH & Co. KG
  • Since: 2016
  • Category: Mass and HA hosting
  • Technology: PHP, Typo3

"Easy to use, reliable and personal."

We have been working with Blunix GmbH for over five years. We especially like the ingenuity of custom automation solutions, which we can then apply ourselves.
- Philipp H., CEO

Industry sector

Corporate health platform

  • Client: Just can not find the words GmbH
  • Since: 2018
  • Category: High traffic HA hosting
  • Technology: Python Django

"We have always had a healthy relationship."

We have been looking for years for a hosting provider for our python django written platform. We wanted someone that just works and adapts to our special requirements, and we found that in Blunix GmbH.
- Jonathan F., CTO

Industry sector

Backend for point of sales systems, webshops

  • Client: Secretive and anonymous GmbH
  • Since: 2017
  • Category: Mass hosting
  • Technology: Custom PHP Framework

"We can add as many services as we want, and it does not get more expensive."

We are hosting a steadily growing number of backend services for our customers. Thanks to Blunix GmbH's automation systems, we can add new clients completely by ourselves, while only the cost for the cloud servers grow.
- Christoph P., CEO


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Pleased to meet you

Blunix GmbH prefers end to end encrypted communication

We think it is important to encrypt everything.
To ensure all communication with our customers stays private, we prefer to use encrypted messengers and GPG encrypted E-mails.


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The Blunix Blog

Learn more about the technologies we work with

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