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Linux Support und Hosting

Welcome to Blunix - Your expert in Linux consulting and managed hosting.

We specialize in providing reliable and high-performance Linux solutions to SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and Startups.

In a world that changes by the minute, we commit to enduring innovations instead of chasing fleeting trends.

Reliability, expertise, and a spirit of innovation are our core values.

A service is only a service if its completely automated.

Peter Thurner, the CEO and Founder of Blunix GmbH

Peter Thurner, CEO and Founder

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Linux Server Support

24/7/365 Linux Server Support On-Demand

Gain access to our seasoned Linux experts who provide round-the-clock assistance for all your Linux dedicated and cloud server needs.

We're here to help with error resolutions, demystify complex configurations, troubleshoot issues, offer expert advice, and conduct best-practice reviews.

Reliable 24/7 Linux Technical Support

Our specialized support covers Debian and Ubuntu Linux systems across leading IaaS providers as well as your own colocations or datacenters.

Discover more about our Linux Emergency Support Services

Expert Linux Consulting for Your Projects

Available for businesses utilizing Linux on both physical and cloud servers, our Linux Consulting Services extend to setups hosted with IaaS providers or within your own colocation spaces.

Our project-based consulting focuses on Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions, offering deep dives into Linux Networking, Webservers, Databases, and all critical components for high-demand web applications.

Partner with Linux Consulting Specialists

Our team assists your business in launching new services, automating tasks, and configuring essential tools, with an unwavering commitment to system reliability, stability, and security.

Discover our Linux Consulting Services

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Linux Managed Hosting

Elevate Your Linux Hosting With Our Managed Solutions

Enhance your security and performance with our FOSS-based Configuration-Management Hosting Solution, suitable for both dedicated servers and cloud instances on your IaaS provider account.

Blunix ensures customer ownership and full root@ access, granting access to all the code used for hosting. Empower your developers to implement changes independently, supported by our comprehensive documentation.

Partner with a Dedicated Consultant

Benefit from a personal long-term consultant committed to implement continual enhancement throughout your SLA. Our goal is to ensure the enduring excellence and performance of your Linux platform and web applications.

Explore the Advantages of Our Linux Managed Hosting Services

Linux Trainings & Workshops

Our Linux courses are crafted and conducted by experienced Linux consultants, tailored to your team's needs. We aim to provide practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to daily tasks, enhancing both efficiency and expertise - both Online and On-Site.

Each course is customized to not just teach the fundamentals but also to address your specific challenges, preparing your team to leverage Linux Software effectively in their projects.

Learn from Passionate Linux Experts

Our senior Linux engineers are not just teachers; they're passionate practitioners eager to share their love for Linux Administration. Their enthusiasm ensures an engaging and enriching learning experience, inspiring participants to explore the full potential of Linux.

Explore Our Training and Workshop Offerings

Linux Workshops and Training

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Our Business Model

Blunix GmbH is committed to prioritizing the stability of our operations, the quality of customer experiences, integrity in business partnerships, and the well-being of our team over mere profit gains.

Our strategy revolves around fostering lasting relationships with our clients, supported by the stable income from SLA agreements. This stability is the backbone of our high-quality engineering services. We ensure our long-term customers always have the same expert consultant to manage their infrastructure effectively.

Our expertise is singularly directed towards automating Debian Linux hosting environments, adhering to the UNIX philosophy of "do one thing and do it well".

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Why We Stand Out

Many of our competitors prioritize growth and profit, often at the cost of customer trust, satisfaction, and meaningful partnerships.

For us, Linux Administration isn't just a job—it's a passion. The fascination and drive to engage with Linux, to continuously learn, automate, and discover new features, tools, and programs, is what motivates us daily. Our passion for Linux is intrinsic, driving us to delve into its depths and intricacies every day out of sheer interest and enthusiasm.

Seeking a partner who values quality above all? We’re just a call away.

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Telephone: +49 30 / 629 318 76
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Blunix GmbH
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CEO and Founder

Peter Thurner

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HRB 174906 B
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