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Linux Support and Consulting,
Managed Hosting and Training

Linux Support and Hosting

We specialize in Linux solutions for businesses that are reliable, secure, and performant.

In a world that changes by the minute, we commit to stable solutions instead of chasing trends. Our core values are reliability, security, automation, and a spirit of innovation.

Peter Thurner, CEO and Founder of Blunix GmbH

Peter Thurner - CEO and Founder

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24/7/365 Linux Support for Emergencies

Our seasoned Linux experts provide round-the-clock consulting for all critical problems with dedicated and cloud servers running Linux.

Our team of Linux specialists is always on call to offer assistance in troubleshooting, debugging, and fixing urgent problems. Our goal is to return your services to normal operation as quickly as possible.

Reliable 24/7 Linux Technical Support

Our specialized support covers Debian Linux and OpenBSD systems across leading IaaS providers as well as your own colocations or datacenters.

Linux Consulting for Small and Large Projects

We provide professional consulting for Linux Networks, Webservers, Databases, and all other aspects and components and of hosting high-demand applications.

Available for businesses utilizing Linux on both physical and cloud servers, our Linux Consulting Services extend to setups hosted with IaaS providers and your own colocation spaces.

Partner with our Linux Specialists

We assist with launching new services, automating tasks, and configuring essential tools, with a strong focus on system stability, automation and security.

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Managed Linux Hosting using FOSS on Your IaaS Account

Our FOSS Ansible based hosting solution is designed to provide secure and automated hosting for all servers in your IaaS provider accounts.

The Linux hosting documentation enables your employees to perform all common tasks quickly and efficiently.

One Permanent Dedicated Consultant

Each SLA customer is assigned one permanent long-term Linux consultant. You always talk to the same person. There is no first level support.

Qubes OS Consulting and Support

Qubes OS is a high-security operating system for workstations that uses the XEN hypervisor to safely isolate Windows and Linux desktop applications from each other. This approach is highly effective in preventing the spread of malware.

At Blunix GmbH, all of our employees workstations are running Qubes OS.

High-Security Desktop Operating System

We assist businesses and individuals with very high IT security requirements in evaluating, installing, and configuring Qubes OS, while also providing 24/7/365 support.

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Linux Trainings, Workshops and Classes

Our Linux courses are crafted specifically to your needs and interests. We aim to provide practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to daily tasks.

Each class aims to not only teach fundamentals but is designed to specifically address your companies specific challenges.

Learn from Linux Experts that Love Teaching

A motivated teacher makes for a motivated student. Our Linux engineers' enthusiasm ensures an engaging and enriching learning experience.

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Business Ethics, Values and Priorities

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Centralized Logging with Systemd-Journal-Remote

Learn how to centralize logs on servers running systemd based Linux distributions using systemd-journal-remote.

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Secure Server Email Relay with OpenSMTPD

Setup a secure SMTP Mail Relay for (Web) Applications using gmail, office365, zoho and others with OpenSMTPD.

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How to install Nextcloud on Ubuntu 22.04 with Hetzner

The ultimate tutorial on how to install and configure your own private, fast and secure Nextcloud Server.

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