Blunix GmbH – Linux Administration, Server Management and Training

Located in the Heart of Berlin, we offer worldwide Enterprise Linux Consulting, Service Level Agreements and custom Trainings

Migration assistance
Best-practice checkups
Implementation of new components
Deployments for Ruby, Python, PHP
Automation and orchestration systems
Monitoring and more

Support is one call away.

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24/7/365 Responses
Up to 1 hour of maximum response time
Management of all relevant infrastructure components
Fully managed by orchestration
Personal contact person

Your personal Linux server administrator.

Discover a new Level of Service

Individually designed for each class
Consultants with daily experience
Also at your office site
Pricing per class per day
Up to eight participants

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Your individual Linux Service Provider

Start treating servers like cattle

We love Linux

Our daily work consists of administration and troubleshooting Debian Linux Servers. We take care of pending migrations, automating recurring tasks, virtualization and deployment of the latest stable technologies. We always deliver excellent documentation and offer training for your employees in administrating and managing your business infrastructure.

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Our Philosophy

Our team consists of long term Linux and open source enthusiasts. We founded Blunix in the Heart of Berlin to follow our passion and apply our individual character to Linux administration – developing and applying clearly represented automation systems for Linux infrastructures. Our individualistic approach on automation and orchestration combined with our drive to comply with most every custom requirement is what makes us unique in our line of business.

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Peter Thurner (CEO)

“A service is only a service if its orchestrated”

True individuality for truly individual requirements

Your business and product are individual and specialized – so are your Infrastructure requirements. Forget restricting all-in-one solutions and experience true freedom through professional application of Open Source Tools and Infrastructure.

The difference in administration

Administration boils down to two most important characteristics: professionalism and trust. Most of our customers were unhappy with there previous hosting provider for being unresponsive, to restrictive in technological applications or to untrained. Each and every day we thrive to deliver the best experience, because we love what we do and we love to build awesome infrastructures.

We are enlisted with

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Outsourced Server Management

Our philosophy regarding Server Management is unique: free the client. Your servers are hosted with third party providers (Hetzner, Amazon AWS, Profitbricks, private Datacenter…) in your name. Instead of using SSH, we employ configuration management to handle your servers 100% through orchestration code that you can freely access. Our administrative Code is updated in regularly, always providing you with the latest cutting edge infrastructure. We manage your Servers while you keep full root access at all time. Our SLA is not just an advertising document, it covers what is really important.

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Completely customized trainings

Get the most benefit out of customized Linux trainings for your employees – at your office site or in our comfortable meeting rooms. Before each class starts, we take the time to determine each attendees skill level. Each class is planned and taught individually and outlines exactly what your employees will need for their daily tasks. Taught only by experienced every day hands-on consultants, our classes are unprecedented when compared to non-flexible curricula.

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