Linux Trainings and Workshops

Customized, Online or On-Site, by Senior Consultants

Interesting, Engaging and Entertaining Classes for DevOps and Developers

Save time and worry by learning about new Linux hosting technologies from our motivated and highly experienced Linux Consultants. We aim to awaken the same passion for our favorite Linux tools and subjects in our students.


Ansible Configuration Management Basics and Advanced


Reasonably secure Workstations with Qubes OS


Linux Admin Basics and Advanced


Sourcecode Version Control with git


Linux Redundancy and High Availability

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." (Albert Einstein)

We invest the necessary time to gain in-depth knowledge about your company and its software landscape before designing your custom class. We fairly charge our regular hourly rate for classes up to eight participants.

Design your custom class and learn from the best!

Each customer's requirements, employees and infrastructure is different from the next. Get in touch with our experienced Linux Consultants to schedule a meeting and discuss your requirements in detail.

raspberry pi

Custom Hardware Projects with Raspberry Pi


BASH and Python Scripting for Admins


Apache2 Nginx Haproxy Letsencrypt

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