Managed Hosting

Configuration Management on your Cloud-Provider Account

How it works

We use our Configuration Management Software to setup Debian Linux (Cloud) Servers on your hosting provider account.

We maintain your infrastructure, teach your developers how to use it, add new features or services upon request and respond to emergencies.

We charge per number of Debian installations (not Docker), the desired 24/7/365 response time and, where required, uptime guarantee for specific servers.

Blunix Stack

Our FOSS Configuration Management Solution is designed to set up and maintain Debian Linux cloud instances on IaaS Cloud Providers. Its goal is to provide a secure, clean and easy-to-manage infrastructure to our customers.

Its Command Line Interface ansible-cake provides your employees with an easy-to-use toolkit for performing common DevSecOps tasks as well as any other more complex operations on the servers. It abstracts common tasks like adding new vhosts, developer access and services into short and easy-to-remember commands.

The detailed Documentation covers all aspects of our Hosting Toolkit: from adding a new employee's SSH keys to restoring backups or incorporating additional servers with new services.

Hosting Features

Infrastructure as Code

Define every detail of your servers in git

Complete Change history

Every change made on a server is logged and can be reverted

Your hosting toolbox

Backups, Monitoring, Central Logfiles, VPN, Gitlab and your tools

Designed for developers

Blunix Stack's CLI is very intuitive and well-documented

HA/HP and mass hosting

Designed for very busy (web) applications and mass hosting

Tailored Deployment

Continous Integration, Delivery & Deployment with Gitlab-CI

Full ownership and root@

We do not aim to put a vendor lock-in on your infrastructure

Reliability included

Permanent contact person

Your personal consultant supervises your project for the duration of your contract. When you call, you generally speak directly to your personal consultant.

24/7/365 SLA emergency response

Within one hour - often faster. We also act on monitoring alerts for critical services. We favor designing fault resiliant systems over responding.

SLA Pricing

Projectable. Fair. Customizable.

24/7/365 Response Time

The maximum amount of time to address a problem after you or the monitoring system have issued a critical alert. The response time applies for all your critical services, regardless of how many servers your infrastructure contains.
Most of the time we can respond (almost) immediately.

One hour: 700 € per month
Three hours: 500 € per month
Six hours: 300 € per month
Next business day: Free of charge



Number of Debian Installations

For every running installation of Debian Linux (physical servers, virtual machines, not docker) we invoice 50 € or 30 minutes of maintenance per month. If common maintenance tasks exceed 30 minutes and stay below 60 minutes, you still only pay 50 €.

Large and non-common maintenance tasks, like upgrading to the next Debian Linux distribution release, are not included in this calculation and are invoiced extra with our common fee of 100 € per hour.

Uptime guarantee

For services that require a guaranteed percentage of uptime per month, we multiply the cost for the number of highly available Debian Linux installations as follows:

99,99% (< 5 minutes per month): ×7
99,95% (<16 minutes per month): ×4.5
99,90% (<44 minutes per month): ×2

All services which require guaranteed uptime need to be setup in way that makes high availability possible - for each service there needs to be a primary server and two or more failover servers.



The difference

All prices are negotiable (in case you have a large number of servers). If you have multiple servers fulfilling the same task and the mainenance tasks are similar for their services, we commonly group and discount them.

Additional tasks which are not recurring maintenance, like adding new servers or adding new vhosts to a servers are invoiced on a per-hour basis of 100 € per hour. However using Blunix Stack, with a bit of training your developers will be able to do most of those tasks themselves. We try to write code and automate tasks that you would otherwise have to pay us for.

A word of honesty about uptime guarantees: We generally setup and maintain all systems in a way that promises as little downtime as possible. There is no bulletproof way to guarantee uptime in hosting. It is not possible to forsee problems that will arise in the future and how long it will take to resolve them. We can realistically guarantee a hands-on response time.

Getting started

Or just call us for a more detailed demonstration


Conference Call Small and Large Talk

Write us a short email describing your current infrastructure and join us in a jitsi online conference to discuss all following steps in detail.


Written proposal Step by Step Plan

We prepare a written proposal which contains all required steps layed out in detail, along with a (negotiable) pricing plan.


Initial setup Blunix Hello World

We set up the cloud instances and configure them using Blunix Stack as planned. After that we work with your developers to get your applications running.


Migration From old to new

We coordinate and perform the migration of interal tools, staging and production environments together with your developers.


Training Teaching your employees

We instruct your employees to do common tasks independently. Additional training for technically curious employees is welcomed at any time.


Maintenance Updates and Upgrades

Blunix GmbH will perform any necessary maintenance tasks on your servers. We continously test and develop new hosting technologies.

Blunix GmbH offers On-Call Consulting and Linux Trainings

Our Ideology: Automate everything!

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