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Linux is our passion. We assist with migrations, implementing new services and tools, server security and all other topics around Linux based infrastructures on cloud and physical servers. Whether it’s a small-scale project or an expansive enterprise network, Blunix GmbH is your go-to partner for impeccable Linux consulting services for Debian and OpenBSD.

Experts for Small and Large Linux Projects

Our team provides deep-rooted Linux expertise and a dedication to security, automation, documentation and usability. We make sure your specific needs are met with precision and a personal touch.

How it works

Online Meeting

Connect with our Linux Consultants via a Jitsi online conference. This initial meeting enables us to fully understand your project's objectives and all specific requirements.

Written Proposal

We will prepare a written proposal that clearly outlines your project's requirements and all implementation steps. It includes a binding quotation with a ±20% variance.


After receiving your approval, our team implements the agreed-upon solutions. We pay attention to details and apply our special focus on automation and security, from the initial steps to final adjustments.


Before using the solutions in production, we conduct training sessions with your employees to ensure they fully understand how to use all capabilities of the new setup.

Go-Live / Migration

We seamlessly migrate your services, data, or tools. Our aim is to ensure a smooth changeover and to continue your operations with minimal interruption.


We offer proactive ongoing support in order to keep your Linux environment reliable and secure in the future. We are here to solve issues, update software versions, and to clearify and adapt configurations as your requirements change over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consulting Project Pricing

20% discount for non-profits and educational institutions. Negotiable pricing for several days. Binding quotation with a ±20% variance for each project.

Asking Questions
Get Free Advice
1 to 4 Hours
130 /Hour
Call a Consultant
4 to 8 Hours
120 /Hour
Start a Project
8 or more Hours
110 /Hour
Plan a larger Project

Highlights of Recently Completed Projects

Wordress Logo

WordPress Mass-Hosting Farm Performance Upgrades with PHP-FPM, Nginx and Haproxy

Migrating from five dedicated CentOS servers to 16 Ubuntu 22.04 Hetzner Cloud instances, configuration with PHP-FPM and Nginx, MariaDB Active-A-A for higher read performance, CEPH shared storage, load balancing with HAProxy.

Windows Logo

Windows to Ubuntu Server Migration for Hosting In-House PHP Tools

Migrating several in-house PHP tools from a Windows server to a single IONOS cloud server running Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB. Two additional servers for BorgBackup and Prometheus monitoring. We thank our customer for the assistance in understanding the windows machine.

Wireguard Logo

Company VPN with WireGuard on Linux, OSX, and Windows Workstations + Android & iOS

Adding a WireGuard VPN server to existing IONOS data center with internal tools and internal cloud networks with nftables firewall. Writing documentation for around 100 humans with clients in different operating systems and onboarding assistance.

PHP Logo

Migrating a Single Large HostEurope Dedicated Server Webapp to the Cloud

Migrating a PHP 8 Web Application from one single HostEurope Server due to increasing daily user count. Setup on IONOS cloud with redundant HAProxy, six smaller web workers with PHP-FPM and Nginx, imgproxy for scaling images, and Primary-Failover configuration of MariaDB.

Ansible Logo

Implementing Ansible Configuration Management for 10 Existing Servers + Upgrade to Debian 12

Creating an Ansible playbook for seven existing servers running one public-facing web application and internal tools. Zero-downtime migration for the public-facing web app using MariaDB Master-Slave replication and failover.

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