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Available Linux Jobs in Berlin

We are looking for new employees to help out our Team. If any of the positions described below are for you, please send us your application and resume to Please do not send us your application in printed form.


We consider it professional and respectful to show up on time.

High Dependability

Being a Startup, our Positions are mostly not manned redundantly. This means every one of our employees is very important to the success of the company. We are looking for employees that are willing to commit to the company.


A professional work relationship is one of the utmost important traits for us. Any forms of screaming, aggression or impoliteness towards coworkers or employees will not be accepted and can lead to instant dismissal – this applies to every position in the company, from interns to the CEO.


Humans make misstakes, its our task and responsibility to manage our misstakes correctly. As a coworker in our team, you are expected to communicate problems or errors freely at all time. Nobody will be angry at you. Humans most often advance vastly by correcting errors.


Blunix is a company of team players. Our clout results from the combined knowledge and skills of all employees. We thrive to create the best products by combining our employees talents to the most productive extend.

Working at a Startup Company

Working at a Startup is different to working at big corporations. With Blunix, you are expected to independently self-evaluate and advance your work and skills. From the start, the responsibility given to you will be higher than what you might have been used to working for big companies.

Long Term Work Relationship

We are looking to establish long term work relationships with our customers. To accomplish this, we only hire new coworkers which can associate with Blunix and want to stay for several years (three or more).

Learn how a Startup works

We are not looking for fixed job assignments – during your time with Blunix, you are welcome to learn all about how our company works, from Marketing to Customer Management skills and more.

Blunix sounds like what you want

We invest lots of time in developing plans, contracts and processes that are fair and easy to understand and work with for all parties. We thrive to combine and implement new-age technologies and attitudes into our workflow. If you like the general Idea and agree with Loopsas Administrators Code of Ethics, Blunix is the right company for your career.

Independent style of work and learning

You are expected to work independently, as well as “seeing and discovering” pending tasks by yourself. While we always recheck our work with the team to accomplish better products by combining our knowledge, you are often required to be able to learn new skills autonomously.

Readiness to work extra hours

Being a thriving Startup company, we have a lot of new customers, new contracts and tasks at any time. it is important that you know and agree with being able to work extra hours.

Late hours (technical positions)

As most administrators already know, some things are best done late night when our Customers Customers are asleep. While we try to reduce this to a minimum, late night Migrations are possible. As a Senior Linux Consultant, you are also required to take on stand-by shifts for emergency responses. However, as we work very thoroughly, our customers call us extremely rarely at night.

More than a Linux Consultant

Our daily job assignments are not always exclusively limited to the job description in your contract. As a Consultant, you might also be asked to help on projects that don’t fit your current expertise. This helps our employees to grow and advance in multiple respective fields. We also found that a developer can often contribute valuable ideas to administrative projects just by viewing things from a fresh angle.

Work to live, not live to work

Our employees (and thereby our customers) profit from the following inimitable benefits:

Professional Business Relations

110% fair and polite treatment of all employees. Blunix takes great care to only grant superior positions to Coworkers with good people skills. Any and all repeated impolite and unprofessional behaviour within our team (or even the customers) will not be accepted under any circumstance.

Learn what you love

Blunix takes very high value in educating its employees – use up to 30% of your work time to develop the products and skills you are interested in at the moment.

Work for great customers

Blunix only accepts assignments that match what we do best. We take great care in only cooperating with businesses where the work relation is of productive and polite nature. If we realise that customers will not at all agree with our workflow or behave impolitely towards our team, we also terminate contracts.

Honest business only

You wont have to sell stuff that is not of great quality. We do not run for the last penny and make profit at all cost – we thrive to sell the best product we can create, while rejecting assignments for products we are not experts in. We do not sell to get rich fast – we are building a sustainable and long term business.

Open Company

We want our employees to thoroughly understand how the Company Blunix works. You will not only advance in your technical skills – if you are interested, you can learn everything from marketing and customer management skills to how we organise our cash flow.

Fair Company

We have many customers that run social organisations. For many of those, we work for a very small fee or even free of charge. We do not accept contracts with (among other branches) military or pharmaceutical companies.

Shape Blunix with us

We don’t want you to just work with us from 10am to 6pm. If you agree with our attitude and want to experience how it is to lead a company or one of its subbranches, you have the chance to advance to the Position of Partner over time.

Remote work

After an initial Phase and depicting your productive style of work, you are welcome to hang out on the Beach while committing your code from time to time.

Fair Payment

While we do not have external funding, we take great care of paying fair. We do not have three Million Euros of venture capital – therefore we won’t have to play by the rules of any Investors in two years. As a Startup always involves risk, we tell the team as far in advance as possible if there are any problems with our cash flow. This has never happened so far.

We are looking for an experienced Linux Administrator to assume a leading position in our Team of Consultants.

Function assignment

Your job is to manage complete Customer Relations, starting from the first call over planing Meetings, creating the Proposal, migrating Infrastructure, implementing Infrastructure into Saltstack Recipes, assisting in Going-Public Processes to managing customer Infrastructure via our Service Level Agreements over Time. Our Customers always get a direct contact person. We strive to keep this relation between you and the customer for many years. For managing your tasks, (Junior) Consultants are available to learn from your experience as well as execute your Plans.

Required Skills

Technical Skills

  • Strong Debian / Ubuntu Administration knowledge
  • Strong Automation / Deployment / Orchestration knowledge, preferably Saltstack
  • Strong BASH / Python knowledge
  • Experience with HA / HP Setups for hosting any of PHP / Django / Rails Applications
  • Experience with Monitoring Solutions like Nagios / Icinga / Check_MK (OMDistro)
  • Experienced in Hosting with AWS, Hetzner, Profitbricks, Cloudsigma, Customer owned DCs, others
  • Experience with Virtualization Systems like KVM, XEN
  • Experience with Docker Containerization and medium to large Scale (50 Servers) Docker Management
  • Experience with HA Setups for MySQL / PostgreSQL

Personal Skills

  • Strong Customer Relation Experience
  • Experience with managing the complete Linux Server Infrastructure of medium to large sized businesses
  • You are very self motivated and see and manage tasks at hand independently
  • Experience with Personal Management or strong interest to learn the required Skills
  • You speak German and English fluently

We are looking for a Linux Administrator to assume a position in our Team of Consultants.

Function assignment

Your job is be the right hand of our Senior Linux Consultants.

Required Skills

You already have a couple of years of work experience and now want to get deeply into Linux. You want to be a experienced Linux Consultant in about three to five years from now. You are willing to put in an extra hour in the evening for the company that helps you shape your carrer. You are able to start Projects you don’t have any prior Experience with, while learning from online ressources as well as our Senior Consultants. You are able to take good care of Projects you do not find perfectly interesting at the Moment. You are aware of the very high responsibility pertaining our customers.

Technical Skills

  • Debian / Ubuntu Administration knowledge
  • Scripting / Automation Knowledge in any of BASH / Python / Ruby / Perl
  • You’ve hosted a WordPress (or something similar) before
  • You have setup a iptables Firewall before
  • You have configured A and CNAME Records before
  • You speak German and English fluently
  • You (more or less) know how to setup a SSH Forwarding Tunnel in one Command

Nice to have

  • You have strong skills in a specific Branch (Postfix / Dovecot, OpenVPN, Databases, Monitoring, …)

We are looking for a Python Developer to assume a position in our Team of Linux Infrastructure Orchestration Developers.

Function assignment

Your job is to develop Infrastructure Automation using Tools like Fabric for Deployments, Saltstack for Orchestration and custom Code.

Required Skills

You are experienced with Python and Linux Administration. You are interested in Orchestration and preferably have experience with Saltstack.

We are looking for a 20 hour per week Executive Assistant to our CEO.

Function assignment

Your job is be the helping hand of our CEO.

Required Skills

  • Office Management
  • Experience with German Taxes (we have a really good Tax Consultant)
  • Assisting the CEO with miscellaneous tasks
  • Fluent in German and English

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