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Qubes OS Enterprise Support

Qubes OS is a security-focused operating system that isolates desktop applications by running them in separate virtual machines. This approach provides very strong protection against the spread of malware.

At Blunix, we use Qubes OS to secure our own workstations to provide the best possible data protection for our customers.

Countering Industrial Espionage

Recent geopolitical events alongside increasingly strong artificial intelligence have changed the perspective on IT security for many companies. We assist in siemlessly transitioning to Qubes OS to securely run both Windows and Linux applications.

Qubes OS Features

Qubes OS uses multiple approach vectors to securely isolate desktop applications from one another. If your browser is compromised, all other programs and their data remain secure.

Isolation by Virtualization

Qubes OS uses the XEN hypervisor to securely isolate applications from each other

End-User Friendly

Non-technical users benefit from the easy to use graphical tools and interfaces

Windows and Linux VMs

Securely run both your applications in both Windows 10 and Debian Linux 12 VMs

Certified Hardware

Qubes OS cooperates with certified hardware vendors that use Coreboot

Network Segmentation

Physical network adapters, firewall and VPN clients run in seperated VMs

Template-Based VMs

VMs are created from snapshots of templates which are discarded at shutdown

Infrastructure as Code

Every aspect of the OS can be configured with scripts using qvm- management tools

Granular Allow-Policies

VM-to-VM communication, sharing files, and more are based on allow-lists

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We partner with external IT security specialist and Qubes OS developers to ensure our work in high security projects is checked twice.

Secure Business Laptops

Our partner NovaCustom from the Netherlands builds Qubes OS certified enterprise laptops that are secure, reliable and offer a variety of additional hardware security features.

Support for the Qubes OS Project

We donate 10% of our earnings from Qubes OS-related contracts to the Qubes OS project.

Common Questions About Qubes OS Consulting

Global on-site and online installation support, migration assistance and individualized training. Contact us to learn how Qubes OS can enhance the security of your company!

Steps to Implement Qubes OS in Your Business

We guide you through all aspects of migrating to Qubes OS. We offer 24/7 support for both your non-technical employees as well as your developers to guarantee a stress-free transition and experience with using Qubes OS.

Online Meeting

We connect with your and your employees to understand your thread model and make a list of all applications that are used in your company.

Choosing Hardware

We assist you in choosing from the list of high security optimized laptops and workstations that support running Qubes OS.

Written Proposal

You receive a written proposal that outlines all your requirements and our approach for implementating them using Qubes OS.


We use the infrastructure as code approach to define every aspect of your Qubes OS setup in BASH scripts that are easy to audit and understand.


We show you in detail how your customized Qubes OS setup looks and works, answer all of your employees questions and train them how to use it.


We setup your workstations on-site or assist your employees in setting up multiple workstations automatically and migrate each employees applications.

Support & Updates

We provide 24/7/365 support with a maximum response time of one hour and proactively approach you about security issues and interesting new features.

Questions? Requests? Suggestions?

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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