Our business model: honesty, no vendor lock-in, long-term partnerships


Automate everything

We don’t do things twice in order to charge a higher number of hours. We use Orchestration and Configuration Management when- and wherever possible.

No Vendor Lock-in

We do not attempt to keep you from leaving Blunix and specifically design your Infrastructure to be easily migratable to another Linux Consulting Provider. We want long-term cooperation and happy customers don't leave.


Stay up to Date

Our Consultants are give lots of free time to explore simply explore and play with new technologies. We only offer technologies to our customers that we thoroughly understand, consider stable and personally assess to be of good quality.

Happy Employees

Engagement, professionalism, and enjoyment of work are key aspects of building awesome Products. Approaching all employees fairly is what guarantees our customers long-term work relations with Blunix GmbH.


100% Honest Error Management

Machines don’t make mistakes – they simply execute instructions. Humans do make mistakes, even when they are careful. We never hide our misstakes from our customers and always directly approach them should we mess up. We have a really reliable backup solution.

Do one thing well

We do not sell Windows, Groupware or other things we dont specialize in. If we do not focus on a particular technology, we will advise our clients to look elsewhere. Our Service is among the best on the market.


Only stable technologies

Experimentation has no space in Production Environments. We install identical Staging Environments for testing before deploying to the Live Servers.

No first level support

Blunix GmbH exclusively employes Linux consultants with many years and high levels of experience. Waste no time talking to first level support - regardless of your question being easy or complex. In 99% of the cases you will be directly connected to your permanent personal Linux Consultant.


Not for the money

We practice Linux Administration because we truly love Linux. We could not think of a more interesting and fun profession. We simply enjoy building, automating and fixing things. Blunix is not focused on maximizing profit but on maximizing customer and employee experience.

Code of Ethics

As professional System Administrators we subscribe to the
Code of Ethics by

1. Professionalism

  • I will maintain professional conduct in the workplace and will not allow personal feelings or beliefs to cause me to treat people unfairly or unprofessionally.

2. Personal Integrity

  • I will be honest in my professional dealings and forthcoming about my competence and the impact of my mistakes. I will seek assistance from others when required.
  • I will avoid conflicts of interest and biases whenever possible. When my advice is sought, if I have a conflict of interest or bias, I will declare it if appropriate, and recuse myself if necessary.

3. Privacy

  • I will access private information on computer systems only when it is necessary in the course of my technical duties. I will maintain and protect the confidentiality of any information to which I may have access, regardless of the method by which I came into knowledge of it.

4. Laws and Policies

  • I will educate myself and others on relevant laws, regulations, and policies regarding the performance of my duties.

5. Communication

  • I will communicate with management, users, and colleagues about computer matters of mutual interest. I will strive to listen to and understand the needs of all parties.

6. System Integrity

  • I will strive to ensure the necessary integrity, reliability, and availability of the systems for which I am responsible.
  • I will design and maintain each system in a manner to support the purpose of the system to the organization.

7. Education

  • I will continue to update and enhance my technical knowledge and other work-related skills. I will share my knowledge and experience with others.

8. Responsibility to Computing Community

  • I will cooperate with the larger computing community to maintain the integrity of network and computing resources.

9. Social Responsibility

  • As an informed professional, I will encourage the writing and adoption of relevant policies and laws consistent with these ethical principles.

10. Ethical Responsibility

  • I will strive to build and maintain a safe, healthy, and productive workplace.
  • I will do my best to make decisions consistent with the safety, privacy, and well-being of my community and the public, and to disclose promptly factors that might pose unexamined risks or dangers.
  • I will accept and offer honest criticism of technical work as appropriate and will credit properly the contributions of others.
  • I will lead by example, maintaining a high ethical standard and degree of professionalism in the performance of all my duties. I will support colleagues and co-workers in following this code of ethics.

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