Linux Consulting

Call a professional Linux Consultant


24/7/365 Emergency Linux Consulting

Are your servers on fire? We are ready to take your call right now!

We offer professional, fast and unbureaucratic help to resolve your issue as quickly as possible for 40,00 € per started 15 Minutes.

Who answers the phone?

Blunix GmbH consultants are live-long Linux nerds and enthusiasts that bring the experience and knowledge required to return your services to normal operation.

We specialize in Debian Linux and Hosting topics while being able to offer assistance in a wide variety of other Linux related fields.

On-Call Linux Consulting

Look over our shoulder while we identify issues, repair faulty systems, improve and secure service configurations files and explain every action in detail. Our consultants can be available within 12-48 hours for 30,00 € per 15 Minutes.

We use SSH and tmate to connect to your Linux servers remotely. After a free initial survey of the issue, we will provide you with a quote. You can watch our work live in a jitsi online call.

Larger Projects

Following an initial conference call we provide our clients with a written proposal detailing all neccessary steps required to acchieve the discussed goals.

We always provide our clients with a binding ±20% estimation of the total project cost.

Further questions from your team and developers past implementation are always welcome.


We are experts in:


Linux Server Best Practice Checkups


Linux Networking Issues like DNS, IPtables, Private Networks


VPN with OpenVPN, Wireguard (mesh), IPsec, n2n (peer to peer)


Configuration Management with Ansible and Saltstack


Automation scripting in Python and BASH


Reasonably secure workstations with Qubes OS


Single, Replication and Cluster with MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis


Hosting with PHP, Python Django, Ruby on Rails, Javascript

Blunix GmbH offers Managed Hosting and Linux Workshops

Our Ideology: Automate everything!

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