Copying Files in Qubes OS: From and to dom0 and between VMs

This tutorial describes how to copy files and directories in Qubes OS: from dom0 to VMs, between VMs and how to do that automatically in scripts.

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Qubes OS VMs are isolated from one another by design. Hence, copying files between VMs is made a bit more complicated by design. This tutorial explains how to copy files or directories from dom0 to a Qubes VM, from one Qubes VM to another VM, how to copy from a VM to dom0 and how to do all that automatically in BASH scripts.

Table of contents

Copying Files and Directories from dom0 to a VM

In order to copy a file from dom0 to a Qubes VM, use the qvm-copy-to-vm command:

echo test-string > testfile.txt
qvm-copy-to-vm work testfile.txt 

This works exactly the same way for directories - simply specify the directory to copy as the final argument.

All files that are copied from one VM to another are stored in the directory /home/user/QubesIncoming/<source-vm>/ :

ls /home/user/QubesIncoming/dom0/

cat /home/user/QubesIncoming/dom0/testfile.txt

Copying Files from a VM to dom0

Copying files or directories from a VM to dom0 is highly discouraged. Dom0 is the most trusted OS and hence should not be modied from outside sources at all. It is for that reason that it is not attached to the internet at all.

However especially during the initial setup of a new Qubes OS installation, copying files to dom0 might not be avoidable, for example to copy a window manager configuration file to dom0.

Copying a Single File to dom0

Here is how you can copy a single file from the work VM to dom0:

qvm-run --pass-io work 'cat /home/user/QubesIncoming/dom0/testfile.txt' > testfile.txt

To check the contents of the file from the work VM:

cat testfile.txt 

Copying a Directory from a VM to dom0

Using the method above, you can only copy files. In order to copy directories, you have to put the directory into an archive first, then copy the archive file and then unpack it again.

mkdir testdir/
echo test-string > testdir/testfile1.txt
echo some-string > testdir/testfile2.txt

tar cvzf myarchive.tar.gz testdir/

Now copy the archive to dom0 and unpack it:

qvm-run --pass-io work 'cat myarchive.tar.gz' > myarchive.tar.gz
tar xvzf myarchive.tar.gz

Copying Files and Directories from one Qubes VM to another VM

You can copy a file or directory from one VM to another VM using the qvm-copy command. Notice that you can not define a destination VM with the qvm-copy command.

echo test-string > testfile.txt
qvm-copy testfile.txt 
sent 1/1 KB

Notice how the following window will appear on your screen, asking you to define the destination VM as well as to confirm the action. This is an additional step for security - copying files from one VM to another could be used for malicious purposes, which is why all of these actions have to be confirmed in dom0 by the user.

Qubes OS popup window to confirm copying a file

If you try to copy a file with the same filename twice, you will get this error:

qvm-copy testfile.txt 
qfile-agent: Fatal error: A file named "testfile.txt" already exists in QubesIncoming dir (error type: File exists)

To prevent this, you first have to move or delete the file in /home/user/QubesIncoming/<source-vm>/<filename> .

Copying Files and Directories from one Qubes VM to another VM Automatically, for Example in Scripts

The permission to copy files between VMs is defined in the Qubes policy file located in dom0:/etc/qubes/policy.d/90-default.policy . The following is the default policy:

grep Filecopy /etc/qubes/policy.d/90-default.policy
qubes.Filecopy          *           @anyvm          @anyvm      ask

The asterisk in the second column means that for the Qubes RPC policy Filecopy, all arguments are accepted. That is irrelevant here though, and is only part of the syntax of Qubes policy files, as Filecopy does not have any arguments. An example for an argument for a RPC policy would be GetDate (available from Qubes 4.2 and up), which can be used like qrexec-client-vm @default qubes.GetDate or with an argument qrexec-client-vm @default qubes.GetDate+nanosec. The asterisk here would mean that all arguments are acceptable, like the argument +nanosec. Fun fact: comparing timestamps is a pretty good way to figure out whether two VMs are on the same machine. Special thanks to xaki23 from the Qubes Matrix channel for the insight.

As you can see by the last column, the default policy to qubes.Filecopy from @anyvm to @anyvm is to ask . Ask in this case means the popup described in the section above, where you have to define the destination VM as well as confirm the copy action.

You can override this for specific VMs like so to allow for automatically copying files:

echo "qubes.Filecopy * work sys-net allow" | tee -a /etc/qubes/policy.d/30-user.policy                             

This will allow the work VM to automatically copy files to the sys-net VM without prior confirmation from the popup window in dom0. This might be useful for scripts.

As you noticed above, the command qvm-copy does not have an argument to specify the destination VM. Because of this, you have to use the tool qvm-copy-to-vm , which allows to specify the destination VM:

qvm-copy-to-vm sys-net testfile.txt

Very Bad Examples

The following example can be used to copy files between VMs without user confirmation. Note however that the file is “streamed” over dom0, which might be dangerous and is HIGHLY discouraged! DO NOT DO THIS!

qvm-run --pass-io work 'cat testfile.txt' | qvm-run --pass-io sys-net 'cat > testfile.txt'

You should also not generally disable copying files without the interactive prompt like so, because this would allow a compromised VM to copy files to any other VM:

echo "qubes.Filecopy * @anyvm @anyvm allow" | tee -a /etc/qubes/policy.d/30-user.policy

Documentation and Additional Information

For additional information refer to the following documentation and Qubes OS forum pages:

Qubes OS documentation on how to copy and move files
Qubes OS documentation on how to copy files from dom0
Qubes OS forum thread about copying files to dom0
Qubes OS forum thread about how to copy files between VMs without the GUI

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